Redeem Through the Gospel of Christ


Jesus Christ is our source of hope. In all we do, we seek to draw men, women, and children to Him. To help them experience God’s love for the first time or in a fresh way. To help them grow in faith so that they can share the hope within them.

Everything is Spiritual

As we meet physical needs, we focus on nourishing the soul through abundant life in Christ. Our staff views every opportunity for connection as an opportunity to share Christ’s love so others may know Him personally. Whether equipping a single mother with income-producing skills, teaching children in the classroom, or sharing life through support groups, we teach and model the Good News of Christ’s redemption, reconciliation and restoration.

Biblical Foundations

We lead Bible studies for our staff, students, and community members. We mentor our students entering high school to equip them with life skills and a strong Biblical foundation. We provide opportunities for older students to participate in local missions to share their faith.

Local Churches

We connect new believers to the church. In the communities where we serve, we plant churches or work alongside local church partners, train pastors, equip church members for ministry and develop leaders that will multiply the Gospel throughout their communities.

Ignite Youth Conferences

Ignite is a monthly gathering that provides our middle school students and friends a chance to go deeper into God’s Word while connecting them to each other and MOHI staff. Each event features a keynote speaker from MOHI staff and other invited guests; small group discussions about age-appropriate topics; corporate praise and worship; and fellowship time during breakfast and lunch.

Angaza Discovery Camp

Angaza Discovery Camp is our two-week discipleship camp experience. It provides an experiential opportunity with Jesus that leads students to a lifetime commitment to live in alignment with God, others, themselves, and creation.

Offering extended time within nature, Bible study, and worship, our students have the opportunity to experience Jesus and expand their imaginations about how they can use their lives to make the world a better place.

Sports Ministry

Sports is a vessel to teach the gospel, build leadership skills, create healthy minds and bodies, and promote self-confidence in children and their families.

The sports ministry program complements our other ministry initiatives, such as church planting, education, and community development.

Our goal is to not only deliver important life lessons to the youth, but also engage their families to learn about Christian faith.

Want to join in fulfilling our mission?

Your support is instrumental in helping to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to Kenyan children and their families.