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What can I say in my message or letter to my sponsored child?

When writing a letter or message to your sponsored child, our hope is that you build an authentic relationship that will be supportive and encouraging to them. We have also witnessed countless examples of sponsors also being greatly encouraged and impacted through their relationship with their sponsored child.

While we are hopeful for a positive relationship to be built, the safety of the children in our program is of upmost priority. With that being said, we do ask that you read through our guidelines and consider them in any communication with your sponsored child.

– Share words of encouragement that will build the child up mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
– Share things that will help them get to know you better. Examples include describing members of your family, favorite books/hobbies/sports, talk about your relationship with Jesus, what you do at work, a general description of where you live, the climate you live in, etc.
– Ask your sponsored child questions to get to know them better. Examples include asking what they like to do in school, what their favorite activities are, where they live, what their family is like, etc.
– We encourage you to write often and write clearly in simple sentences.

– Please do not include any personal contact information such as your mailing address, email address, or phone number.
– Please do not share pictures that include material possessions such as cars, home, electronics, toys, etc. It is best to keep a neutral background if possible.
– Please avoid making statements such as, “I hope to meet you one day.” This could create disappointment if you aren’t able to follow through.
– Please do not use slang or cultural references that may not be understood outside of American culture. Jokes and humor rarely translate well.

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