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How do I set up my monthly recurring donation online?

To set up a monthly recurring donation you have the option to either give our office a call and set up your monthly donation over the phone or visit your online account and set the donation up online. If you would prefer to speak with a team member and set this up over the phone you can contact our US Office at 1-844-568-6644 (LOV-MOHI). However, to set up your donation online please follow the instructions below.

How to Create a Monthly Donation:
1. Go to mohiafrica.org/login.
2. Log in with your account using the email associated with your sponsorship account. If you need to reset your password please select “Forgot your password?”.
3. Once you have logged in, click on the gray bar “My Child Sponsorships”.
4. Scroll down until you see “Make an additional gift to all my sponsored children” and check the box.
5. Click “Continue and Review Donation”.
6. Ensure that the “Gift Amount” reflects your monthly donation. For “Gift Frequency” select monthly. On “Use on Day” choose the day of the month you would like to see your monthly donation withdrawn on.
7. Next, you will scroll down and enter your payment information. You will have the option to use a credit card or EFT.
8. Finally, once you have entered your payment information you can click “Submit”. You should then see a confirmation screen saying “Thank you”, confirming that you have set up your monthly donation.
9. You will then be able to locate your recurring donation under the “Recurring Donations” tab.

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