Vision Trips

Come and see how your church can make a lasting impact.




What's a Vision Trip?

A vision trip is a unique opportunity for lead pastors, missions pastors, campus pastors, elders and others on your leadership team to envision, firsthand, the ways that your church can get involved.

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Why Go on a Vision Trip?

A vision trip is key to discerning a partnership opportunity with MOHI for the first time, or for a current partner to look at expanded involvement. For existing MOHI partners, a vision trip can help leaders explore new communities or projects to engage in.


Learn the MOHI history, values, strategy and holistic ministry philosophy.

Be Involved

Explore the opportunity for your church to become involved with MOHI by visiting multiple locations and communities.

Experience Opportunities

See firsthand the people and programs in place to see how your church partnership can make a difference.

Meet Leadership

Spend time with our founders, Dr. Wallace & Mary Kamau and other MOHI leaders.

Build Trust

Build trust in your church congregation as your lead pastor/leadership team has been there and ‘vetted’ the ministry partner.

Get Equipped

Effectively share the vision of MOHI in your home church with the Kingdom goal of attracting others to live a life on mission.

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What Happens on a Vision Trip?

While there are many memorable parts to a MOHI vision trip, different aspects speak to different people.
To provide the best experience, each vision trip includes a combination of the following:

Home Visits

This frames the need. The tiny size of the shanties and the hospitality of the hosts is unforgettable.

School Visits

Even in a brief visit, the excellence of the schools is clear.

Church Visits

Worshipping with one of the churches is a firsthand experience of the reality of Jesus—a God who brings joy in the middle of difficult circumstances.

Holistic Ministry

MOHI’s comprehensive nature helps assure the promise of community transformation. And it’s what makes short-term teams effective, as it gives diverse opportunities for participation.

Student Programs

After seeing children in the communities, the quality of student presentations is a wonderful demonstration of the work done by the schools.

Potential Partner Community Visits

God moments often take place here. Contemplate how your church might, by God’s grace, be used in a specific place and come alongside specific people. Bonds form a strong and lasting partnership.

"If you are considering partnering with MOHI, I encourage you to take part in a vision trip and see firsthand what MOHI is doing. You’ll get excited about the mission, like I did, and you’ll want to come back and get your church involved as well."
Nick Duffel - Senior Pastor
Canyon Spring Christian Church - Middleton, ID
"If you’re considering partnering with MOHI, I’d encourage you to get on a vision trip right away! You will come away thoroughly impressed with the vision that God gave Wallace and Mary Kamau, Founders and Leaders of MOHI, years ago."
Brian Heckber - Campus Pastor
First Church - Burlington KY
"I experienced hundreds of employees that were working for MOHI... committed to their neighborhoods and communities because of the love of Jesus. And it was consistent. They were saying, 'We're here so that these people can know the love of Jesus."
Matt Robinson - Lead Minister
Parkside Christian Church - Cincinnati, OH
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Scheduling Your Trip

Step 1:

Get In Touch

Contact us to learn more and start discussing the needs of your vision trip.

Step 2:

Customize Your Trip

We will work with you to plan your trip, organize logistics, and provide support every step of the way.

Step 3:

Travel to Africa

Your MOHI partnership liaison will stay with your team the entire trip while you experience the power of faith and community firsthand.

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Vision Trip FAQs

The trips are one week-long. We generally depart the US on a Tuesday or Wednesday and arrive back home the following Wed or Thursday.

MOHI will make it very easy for you and will take care of all the travel logistics. We will:

  • Book your airline tickets
  • Send you information prior to travel to prep your team with all necessary information
  • Set the trip itinerary
  • Coordinate the in-country lodging, transportation, meals, etc. 
  • Your US MOHI partnership liaison will usually plan to meet your team in the connecting city (Amsterdam for example) and then travel with you into Nairobi and be with you the entire trip.

We generally offer vision trips in February, May, and October. We will also coordinate vision trips at other times of the year if there is sufficient interest. Please reach out and we can share the exact dates of all upcoming trips.

Generally, a trip ranges between $2,000 – $2,500 per person. This includes all costs except a $51 visa, travel immunizations, and spending money.

MOHI will cover the cost of the lead pastor’s trip in full. Trip cost for others joining depends on how much the airline tickets cost at the time of booking.

We encourage you to bring a film person (or just use iPhone camera) with you to capture media footage that you can use when you return to share the vision with your church congregation. Alternatively, your US MOHI partnership liaison can coordinate to have the MOHI communications team obtain media during your visit.

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Each trip is carefully planned and customized to your needs.