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What is the purpose of child sponsorship and how does it work?

Missions of Hope International uses Child Sponsorship as one integral part of a holistic approach to poverty, called Community Health Evangelism (CHE). Your sponsorship dollars are processed and receipted through MOHI’s US Office in Phoenix, Arizona, and are used to provide for our children’s medical and spiritual needs, as well as nutritious meals. While these funds are also used to pay for school fees, each child’s parents are still responsible for contributing a small amount toward that cost. This is a key principle of CHE: engage the parents in community involvement and empower them to learn how to provide for themselves. This combination of financial support, encouragement, and accountability instills a sense of hope in our children and their families which helps them to create a solid foundation and gain a transformative education. This education can then open doors to college, university, or trade school, where our students can learn critical skills in order to gain meaningful employment. With an education and a secure job, the cycle of poverty is broken. As our children grow into adults with their own families, they can enjoy lives transformed through the power of Christ, no longer hindered by the realities of extreme poverty.

Within the child sponsorship program, MOHI deeply values the individual relationship between a sponsor and their sponsored child, which allows our children to feel genuinely cared for and empowered to continue moving forward. Our program allows for a one-on-one relationship with a sponsor while pooling the gifts of all sponsors who support children in the same community. Funds are wired over to the respective fields on a monthly basis to cover the expenses for the children. However, sponsorship of a child is more than just financial support. We encourage sponsors to write to their children often and let them know what is happening in their lives. It is a tremendous encouragement to the children to hear from their sponsors and know that there is someone in another part of the world who loves them and prays for them.

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