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How can I make a one-time sponsorship donation?

A one-time sponsorship donation would typically be given under the circumstances of a missed donation or if you choose to donate towards your sponsorship manually. To give a one-time donation you have the option to contact our US Office and make a donation over the phone or visit your online account at mohiafrica.org/login and make the one-time donation online.

If you would prefer to make a donation over the phone, please contact our US Office at 1-844-568-6644 (LOV-MOHI).

If you would prefer to make a donation through your online account, please see the instructions below.

How to Make a One-Time Donation:
1. Go to mohiafrica.org/login.
2. Log in with your account using the email associated with your sponsorship account. If you need to reset your password please select “Forgot your password?”.
3. Once you have logged in, expand the gray bar “My Child Sponsorships” by clicking on it.
4. Check the box “Give An Additional One-Time Donation For ___” and then press the blue “Continue and Review Donation” button.
5. Enter the donation amount you wish to give. For gift frequency select “one time”.
6. Scroll down and enter your payment information.
7. Press the blue button “Submit”.

If you have any questions or run into any issues please visit our FAQ page or contact our US Office directly at 1-844-568-6644 (LOV-MOHI) or sponsorship@mohiafrica.org.

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