We Empower Economically, Socially and Emotionally


Through our empowerment programs, we create jobs and a reliable income for parents of our students and other community members who have little to no formal education. We show thousands of people from impoverished backgrounds that they are resource-rich in ability, determination, ingenuity, and motivation.

Job Skills Training

Every day we teach single mothers, working fathers and young adults hands-on skills that build their confidence and empower them to change their lives and families. Skills include fashion and design, hairdressing and beauty, knitting, jewelry-making, welding and fabrication, plumbing, and computer studies.

Business Training and Microloans

Through training on business skills, we inspire and invest in entrepreneurs. We teach them best practices and give them small loans to start businesses. We teach them accountability, resulting in payback rates consistently over 90%. These repayments are reinvested in more aspiring entrepreneurs, continuing the cycle of empowerment.

As businesses grow, confidence and self-respect grows. This loosens chains of addiction, prostitution, and illegal drugs, building up families and securing communities.

Want to join in fulfilling our mission?

Your support is instrumental in helping to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to Kenyan children and their families.