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Korogocho Grogan

Korogocho Grogan is an area located in the larger Korogocho slum – it’s further subdivided into Grogan A and Grogan B. Our center is located in Grogan A but we serve both areas as most of our children comes from there.

The major religions in this community are Christianity and Muslim. Most Grogan residents are small scale business people. Their businesses includes; selling groceries, selling ready food along the roads and others sell illicit brews.

The slum hosts an open market where diverse farm produce from various rural areas is brought. This allows some of our parents the chances of casual labour in the market whereas others do laundry as their source of income.

The community faces many challenges which has affected its development and growth. Some of the challenges includes; unemployment, drugs abuse and alcoholism cutting across both aged and young, crime, school dropout, early pregnancies, illiteracy among others. As a result, many dreams have been shattered and the hope of many lost.

Grogan school has grown steadily; the number of children is increasing each year and their hope have been renewed. Our staff members continue reaching out and sharing the love of Christ to individuals, families and groups. As a result, lives are being transformed in the community.

An Outreach Hope Church was planted in one of our Korogocho centers where new believers attend. The church serves all our Korogocho centers. The community is proud of our programs because among others, we offer quality education and a unique feeding program.

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