Korogocho B

Korogocho B Center serves more than one village among the ten villages of the entire Korogocho slums, including KB, KA, Kisumu Ndogo and Highridge. The population of the area that the center serves is more than 100,000 people. The major religions in the area are Christianity and Islam.

Small businesses such as green groceries and shops are the main economic activities in the area. The major challenges faced by this community includes; low regard to education, unemployment, crime, insecurity, drug and substance abuse among the youth.

Since MOHI came into this community, we’ve seen a gradual change in attitudes leading to acceptance of transformation by the community.

Despite the challenges faced, the center has grown steadily. Lives have also been changed through spiritual intervention. Outreach Hope Church is also helping in reaching out to the community around with the Ministry of the Gospel of Jesus.

Quick Stats

Founded May 2012
Initial # of Students: 78
Current Students: 445
Grades: Pre-Primary –  Grade 7
Staff: 27

Sponsor from Korogocho B

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Christ’s Church of the Valley (Arizona)