The major religions in this community are Christianity and Islam. Their main economic activities includes; small scale farming and small scale businesses like selling fish. Some of the biggest challenges affecting this community include gang involvement especially among the youth, low literacy levels, early marriages and early school dropouts leading to idleness and crime rise.

Kariobangi is our skills training center. It started as a production unit, to make school uniforms for needy students by employing their parents and also to minimize the cost of acquiring uniform for our MOHI students.

Due to limited space at Pangani (where skills training started) and the need to reach out to the community, in 2016, we moved to Kariobangi. In the following year, we managed to register the center as MOHI Technical Training Institute. MOHI-TTI teaches skills in sewing, knitting, beadwork (jewelry-making), hairdressing/beauty, welding, computer literacy and carpentry. The training also encompasses spiritual development through teaching God’s Word and sharing His love with the trainees.

Our greatest achievement has been giving hope to our students and the surrounding community who have had their hope renewed through our skills programme at the center. Most of our skills students have managed to open their own businesses by accessing loans from our Micro-finance department. Our main aim at the center is to empower all the communities that we serve not only within Kariobangi but also the larger Mathare valley. This is achieved through;

Adult Discipleship – to enhance their spiritual growth.
Skills Development – to improve their economic growth, eradicate poverty and renew their hope for the future.
Mentorship Program – enhance their life skills and managing their livelihood.
Internship/Employment Program – our production unit provides internship to our students and also offer employment to others.