Area 2

Area 2 is home to approximately 80,000 people. The major religions in this community are Christianity, Islam, and African indigenous religions. The economic activities in the area are mainly small-scale businesses, small scale local brewing and drug trafficking. Major challenges in the community include unemployment, crime, drug addiction (especially among the youth), illiteracy, prostitution, and school dropout

Our center continues to grow steadily. In addition to providing education, the center’s social workers, spiritual development officer and CHE trainers reach out to the community and evangelize to individuals, families, and groups. As a result various development groups were established. During the center’s existence, the community has experienced remarkable improvements in security, household income, infrastructure, and sanitation. Community members are constructing permanent structures to replace temporary shanties, an indicator of increased hope and community-building.

Quick Stats

Founded Sept 2009
Initial # of Students: 60
Current Students: 685
Grades: Pre-Primary – Grade 8
Staff: 37

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