Give A Child Hope for the Holidays!

Meet Grace. Like so many other children, she is currently awaiting sponsorship. Your gift today will help us provide Grace, and other children living in disadvantaged communities throughout Kenya, the opportunity for immediate assistance through the MOHI program as they eagerly await their life-changing sponsorship.


Give A Food Basket

$30 per family

Give a Christmas food basket and supply a family in need with basic, non-perishable food items they use every day. Your gift will provide items such as maize flour, sugar, cooking oil, rice, and wheat flour. These baskets will be given to families with the greatest need first.

Provide COVID Relief

$40 per child

By donating to COVID relief, you can help provide a safe learning environment for students and staff. Your contribution will get students back to school by helping build additional space, as well as provide classroom supplies, increased sanitization practices, and new teacher hires.

Support the Unsponsored

$38 per month

When you give to the unsponsored children fund, you instantly provide hope to children who may wait months before they receive a sponsor. Your gift will provide the educational, emotional, and spiritual support to those who need it most.

“I would highly recommend sponsoring a child! It has been amazing to see firsthand what my monthly donation does for Michael and all the other children in the MOHI schools!”

See What Sponsorship Can Do

When you sponsor a child, you’re helping to ensure they can grow up safe, educated, and healthy in a Christian environment that promotes spiritual growth. Your sponsorship has the power to impact change that ripples throughout children’s lives, their families, and entire community.