The Work of Missions of Hope

altCommunity Health Community Health Evangelism/Education (CHE) trains communities to identify needs and work together toward solutions.

altBusiness Development

Providing training in vocational skills,business practices and micro-finance loans.

Caring for Children Quality education, meals, and medical care for the children of the Mathare Slums.

The Gift of Hope

For the people who live in the slums of Nairobi daily life is full of dangers: lack of food, disease, thieves, gangs and more. Despite this some of the most powerful dangers are intangible ones: depression, uncertainty, fear, and despair. For individuals and families trapped by these forces, there appears to be no way out and no chance of a better future.

Missions of Hope International (MOHI) is working in the Mathare slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Their focus is to share the love of Jesus Christ by bringing holistic, sustainable, and long term solutions to the residents of Mathare.Through their work, Missions of Hope International is seeing a transformation among the Mathare communities. One by one individuals are seeing ways out of the trap of poverty. Family by family, community by community lives are being improved and people are able to look into the future with something new - hope.

What We Do From educating children to training adults in vocational skills and providing micro finances loans or working with the disabled or HIV/AIDS positive individuals, the work of MOHI is holistic and centered around solutions that is genuinely change lives forever.
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Get Involved Would you like to help make sure a child receives daily meals, an education and medical care? Perhaps you are interested in providing a micro loan to help someone start a small business.  Is your church looking for a project where they can truly get invovled and make a lasting difference? Missions of Hope International has many ways you can get involved. 
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