What can I say in my letter?

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What can I say in my letter?

Write often! Short, encouraging notes are greatly appreciated. Consider these guidelines in any communication to your child: Describe the members of your family. Discuss your favorite activities, hobbies, and sports. Briefly tell what you do at work, church, or school. Talk about your relationship with Jesus Christ. Write clearly in simple sentences. Avoid slang or cultural references that may not be understood outside American culture. Jokes and humor rarely translate well. Provide a general description of where you live (no specific address). Tell them about the climate and land type. Ask your child the same types of questions about what they like to do, where they live, and what they are learning in school. Please avoid making statements such as, “I hope to meet you one day.” This could create disappointment if you aren’t able to follow through. Please do not include any personal contact information such as your mailing or email address or phone number in your correspondence.

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