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How We’re Growing to Support 100,000 Children by 2030

We’re always listening for the promptings of the Holy Spirit to identify needs in our MOHI communities. And recently, our vision has become clear: Sponsor 100,000 children by 2030!

As we continue to expand programs into new areas, we’ve realized that the future of MOHI calls for greater flexibility and autonomy over U.S. operations.

We’ve begun the process of transitioning Mission of Hope’s U.S. operations to an independent and dedicated team.

This decision has involved a large amount of prayer and careful planning and we’re excited to share the details with you through this webpage and ongoing communications.

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A Message from MOHI and CMF

God has blessed Missions of Hope International over the last two decades. In this video, Mary Kamau, Co-founder and Executive Director of MOHI, and Kip Lines, Executive Director of CMF, talk about the future of our partnership and deliver a message of thanks.

To our sponsors and partners — Thank you for helping to make our ministry possible!

Without you, we would not be able to take this important next step. We continue to rely on your support and prayers as we seek God’s will and strive to bring hope and transformation to the world.

The First Steps Have Begun

Achieving our vision to grow and share the Hope of Christ with more children and families in Kenya will require careful planning and strategic operational upgrades. The first step is to set up the organizational structure needed to become an autonomous organization in the U.S. by the end of 2020.

Key initiatives that make the transition possible:


  • Create a new entity called MOHI LLC
  • Bring in new U.S.-based leadership and staff to support the vision and guide our efforts

In Progress:

  • Open a U.S. Office with a dedicated team to support our partners
  • Develop a new donor relations platform and other technology that will make it possible to support MOHI directly online
  • Launch a mobile app that allows sponsors to strengthen their relationship with their sponsored child and make an impact, right from their smartphone
  • Launch a new model that allows us to build schools and plant churches on a larger scale
  • Develop larger and more engaging support initiatives that reach more people with the hope of Jesus Christ


  • Switch sponsorship services from CMF to MOHI LLC
  • Transition our partnership with CMF to missionary and other mission-related support

Strengthen Your Sponsorship Opportunities

Change of this magnitude doesn’t happen in a vacuum, which is why we’ve had numerous conversations with sponsors and church partners to ensure a rewarding and consistent experience on both sides.

We are most excited about the benefits that this transition will bring to you!

Church Partners:

  • Experience a strengthened sponsorship experience through direct communication with MOHI
  • Develop larger and more engaging support initiatives that reach more people with the hope of Jesus Christ
  • Gain visibility into the impact and transformation that your congregation is having in Kenya
  • Easily manage your account information and encourage the involvement of your church


  • Connect with your child through modern sponsorship technology
  • Gain an increased awareness of the needs in Kenya and discover more opportunities to get involved and make an impact
  • Experience a strengthened sponsorship experience through direct communication with MOHI
  • Get more visibility into what’s happening in your child’s life and in Kenya
  • Easily manage your account information, donations, and share your involvement

Do I Need to Do Anything With My Sponsorship Account?

Not yet.

Current sponsors and church partners will be getting additional communication about account setup, data transfer, and more when the time comes. Watch your inbox, mailbox, and/or bookmark this page as we’ll be adding information as it becomes available.

Have additional questions? See the FAQs section.

Transitioning Our Partnership with CMF

CMF and MOHI began working together 16 years ago to support the children and families of disadvantaged communities throughout Kenya.

We are thankful for CMF’s partnership and support and are excited to continue working together toward our new vision in a different capacity.

After a transition period, CMF’s focus in our partnership will shift to raising up and sending out missionaries to work alongside MOHI. This support will be critical as we expand and begin to serve new areas.

We are blessed to be able to continue to work with CMF in this capacity and look forward to their support as we seek God’s will and strive to bring hope and transformation to more communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this transition benefit MOHI and CMF?

Both MOHI and CMF have extensive ministries with plans for significant growth. Within 10 years, MOHI would like to see 100,000 children in their sponsorship programs operating in multiple countries. Continuing in CMF’s 70-year history of sending teams to do cross-cultural ministry in partnership with local ministries, plans are to have at least 300 missionaries serving in 40 countries within 10 years.

We believe that having a dedicated U.S.-based team that focuses solely on the needs of MOHI will best position both organizations to grow in the ways that God is leading us.

What are the main items you are focusing on during the transition?

For MOHI, technology upgrades will help improve the donor giving and communication experience, provide for real-time data input at the school level, and allow for data to be more easily shared. We will also further establish a presence for MOHI in the U.S., including a dedicated office, staff, and marketing efforts.

For CMF, related technology upgrades will make for a smoother transition and position us for future growth across all areas of ministry. Throughout the transition, CMF will maintain oversight of donations and receipting and continue to assist sponsors and churches with their partnership needs.

What is the timeframe for the transition?

Major announcements will come in the fall of 2020. The transition is expected to be complete by early 2021.

Where will MOHI base its office in the U.S.?

The leading location is currently in the Phoenix, Arizona, area.

Where do I send my regular checks/donations?

Continue to send all donations to CMF. This includes sponsorship commitments, funds for special projects, and missionary support. We will alert you when any changes need to be made to your giving, and you’ll receive additional communications about the changes to come as we move forward.

What if I have a question about my sponsored child?

Continue to contact CMF until we make a formal announcement. Email CMF at childsponsorship@cmfi.org, call CMF at 317-578-2700, or visit this webpage for more information. We will be releasing new technology that will make it possible to access this type of information more easily, so watch for that coming soon.

In what ways will MOHI and CMF continue to partner together in the future?

We strongly believe that our partnership has changed thousands of lives, to the glory of God, and we plan to continue partnering together into the future. One significant area of ongoing partnership is through CMF continuing to have missionary teams serve alongside MOHI, with plans to provide additional teams as MOHI expands into new locations.

Who should I contact with questions?

We rely on partners to make this ministry possible! If you have any questions, please email us at partnerships@mohiafrica.org and we’ll get with you right away.

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