Financial Support FAQ

Thank you for your partnership and steadfast support! Your gifts help make it possible for us to serve children and families in disadvantaged communities throughout Kenya, share the gospel and transform lives through the hope of Christ.

As a Christ-centered charitable organization, we strive to be good stewards of the resources you entrust to us. We understand the importance of financial integrity and realize our responsibility not only to you, our partner, but to the thousands of children and families we serve.

We hope this FAQ page helps answer your financial questions and provides greater transparency to the way we operate and deliver impact as a ministry.

General Financial Support Questions

Funds can be sent by check or electronically through ACH or wire transfer.

In order to send funds electronically (ACH/Wire) please us the information below.

Missions of Hope International

Routing Number: 322271627  (ACH Transactions)
Routing Number: 021000021  (Wire Transactions)
Account Number: 697103601

If you have questions, please contact Tim Tobey at:

Email: tim.tobey@mohiafrica.org
Phone: 1-844-568-6644 ext.170

Please send checks to:

Missions of Hope International
PO Box 12440
Glendale, AZ 85318

All funds should be sent to MOHI’s US office in Phoenix, Arizona, either by mailing a check or sending funds electronically. Please specify the project(s) that are being supported when sending funds.

MOHI’s African leadership has asked that all funds to MOHI be sent through MOHI’s US office. This structure provides a single source for reports for both the US and Kenya teams, greater efficiency and more financial transparency.

Our administrative costs are carefully managed so that over $32 of every $38 is spent in Kenya to provide for the children.

Please include the name of the school, church, project, or community with your check or as a memo if you wire or ACH funds to MOHI.

Example: You could write, “Pangani – Back to School COVID” in the memo portion of your check or with the wire/ACH.

If you’re not sure, please contact us.

Email: info@mohiafrica.org
Phone: 1-844-568-6644 (1-844-LOV-MOHI)

All non-missionary funds for MOHI child sponsorship and/or MOHI projects should be sent directly to the MOHI US office. However, if you support a CMF missionary serving with MOHI, please continue to support them through CMF.

Yes, Missions of Hope International is registered as a 501(c)(3).

You can call our MOHI US office to get an update on the project you support.  We are in the process of streamlining communications and making it easier for partners to get information about the projects they support.

Email: info@mohiafrica.org
Phone: 1-844-568-6644 (1-844-LOV-MOHI)

Yes, you can give to MOHI through a foundation. For more details, please contact our office directly.

Email: info@mohiafrica.org
Phone: 1-844-568-6644 (1-844-LOV-MOHI)

Yes, MOHI accepts non-financial gifts. For more information, please contact our office directly.

Email: info@mohiafrica.org
Phone: 1-844-568-6644 (1-844-LOV-MOHI)

Our online portal allows organizations to create online accounts to keep track of their giving and other related information.

To create an account:

  1. Visit give.mohiafrica.org/createaccount
  2. Change “Account Type” to “Organization”
  3. Complete the form and click “Create Account.”

As we are a newly registered organization in the US, our first audit will occur in 2022 and will be available before the end of the year. Thereafter, MOHI will hold an annual audit and produce financial reports and audited financial statements as required by the IRS. These reports will be available on our website and by contacting our office.

MOHI can produce internally prepared financials upon request.

MOHI is also in the process of joining the ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) for additional accountability and accreditation.

Email: info@mohiafrica.org
Phone: 1-844-568-6644 (1-844-LOV-MOHI)

Contact Information:

If you have other questions or need additional clarification please don’t hesitate to reach out to our MOHI US office. We’re happy to help!


1-844-568-6644 (1-844-LOV-MOHI)

Missions of Hope International
PO Box 12440
Glendale, AZ 85318