MOHI Back to School Hero

All it Takes is an Additional $40 for Every Student

The Government of Kenya recently issued extensive guidelines to ensure safe learning environments for students. The requirements are challenging and costly, but with your help now, we can be ready to re-open our schools in January!

Learn more about our plan and why it’s crucial to begin right away.

Back to School in January Begins with Your Help Now

Due to the pandemic, the 2020 school year was annulled by the Kenyan government. Despite this, we continue to do everything we can to engage MOHI students through distance learning, as we prepare re-open our schools in January 2021. With new coronavirus restrictions, there are many changes and upgrades required by the government for MOHI to provide a safe, physically-distanced learning environment for students and staff.

To Get Students Back in the Classroom, MOHI must:

  • Build/rent new classrooms to accommodate government required physical distancing between students
  • Purchase additional desks, blackboards, books, and supplies for the new classrooms
  • Hire additional teachers
  • Provide hygiene stations, PPE, and digital thermometers
  • Provide masks and hand sanitizer for more than 20,000 students
  • Install additional toilets
  • Expand dormitories to meet physical distancing requirements
  • Purchase additional mattresses and beds
  • And much more

Fundraising Goal: $40 Per Student

We estimate it will cost MOHI an additional $40 per student to upgrade all of our schools to meet the government’s requirements. We have faith that GOD will provide as He has before, and we’ll be able to get students back in the classroom in January.

All it takes is a one-time donation of $40 per student (in addition to monthly sponsorships) to cover the upgrades and changes needed.

We’re always grateful for donations above and beyond the minimum amount, as they will help cover costs for the thousands of students who are not currently sponsored, in addition to new needs as they arise. We ask that you please prayerfully consider what donation God is calling you to give.

Help us prepare for January

What This Means for Your Sponsored Child

Monthly child sponsorships being sent to Kenya continue to support critical food distributions, health programs, distance learning, and social workers and other staff who coordinate remote check-ins and in-person visitations with students and their families.

Since the 2020 school year was annulled and the 2020 exit exams were canceled, no students will advance to the next grade at the end of this year. All students will repeat their same grade level in 2021.

Encourage Your Sponsored Child with an Email!

Due to the pandemic, the US Postal Service temporarily suspended mail service to Kenya. Unfortunately, this meant a number of sponsor letters were returned. We know how important communication is to both our sponsors and our children, but we don’t recommend sending letters or gifts at this time.

Instead, to help bridge the communication gap, we created a temporary email address so sponsors can remain connected. You can send an email to your sponsored student and it will be delivered by our team on the ground. They will also email you back with the child’s response.

To send a message to your child via email:

  • Send your message to sponsor@mohiafrica.org
  • Please put your sponsored child’s full name and ID# in the subject line
  • Please only send one email per sponsored child
  • Please send your email by November 1st

Want Further Details?

Read more about the impact COVID is having on education in Kenya and what it will take to re-open schools in January 2021.