Our Students are Back in Class

But the work doesn’t stop here.

Your continued support will help with the ongoing costs associated with meeting COVID-19 safety guidelines.

COVID Safe with Your Help

To contain the spread of the virus, schools were officially closed by the government in March 2020. To keep our students learning during this time, MOHI teachers relied on technology to upload classwork. Others left revision materials at the school entrance with the security guard to allow for review and pick up at a later time.

A phased reopening of schools, starting with grades 4, 8, and 12, began in mid-October and all students returned to school in January of 2021. Along with the opening of schools came a number of new government guidelines that MOHI needs to meet and maintain to provide a safe, physically-distanced learning environment for students and staff.

MOHI is currently:

  • Building/renting new classrooms to accommodate government required physical distancing between students
  • Purchasing additional desks, blackboards, books, and supplies for the new classrooms
  • Hiring additional teachers
  • Providing hygiene stations, PPE, and digital thermometers
  • Providing masks and hand sanitizer for more than 18,500 students
  • Installing additional toilets
  • Expanding dormitories to meet physical distancing requirements
  • Purchasing additional mattresses and beds
  • And more

Want More Details?

Read more about the impact COVID is having on education in Kenya and how MOHI is responding.

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