Term 1, 2023


Receive greetings from Olturot Center. We are doing well and we thank the Lord for the amazing things He is doing at our center. We are grateful to God for your generous and constant support for the ministry here in Olturot Center. As a thank you, here are some of the great things that God has done at our center because of your support. 

Jacob Kirui, Head Teacher

Current Stats

Total Enrolled: 430 students
Total Unsponsored: 104 students

Hope Transforms: A Success Story

Max* is 10 years old and in grade 4. He is the last born from a family of 7 children. He lives with his mother in a small village near our Olturot Center. His mother is a widow as Max’s father died when he was very young. 

Max used to herd the family’s goats as this was their only source of income. When we met Max he looked defeated and had no zeal for life. When we asked him if he wanted to join school he was excited about the idea, but he knew that his mother would not allow it. It took a lot of convincing and education for Max’s mother to allow him to join school, but our social workers did not give up. Eventually she agreed and Max joined kindergarten in 2018. 

It was a hard adjustment for Max as he had never been to school before. But he was up to the challenge and willing to learn. Soon he caught up and was able to skip a few grades. Max has grown to love being in school. He has become a role model for his peers. He leads them in devotion and encourages them to do what is right. He comes to church every Sunday and has made many friends due to his kind and friendly nature. 

We thank God for Max and for allowing us to make such an impact on his life.

*Name was changed

Term Highlights

  • We are very happy to have had our health department come visit the center. They initiated powder porridge supplement to the kindergarten students. Our students’ health has really improved!
  • We have been experiencing rain after a long drought! With the rain we have seen our veggie garden begin to sprout! The students are very excited to eat from the kitchen garden in the coming weeks.
  • We recruited new kindergarten students this year and they have been able to settle and enjoy their time in school. We thank God that MOHI is a safe place for children to thrive.

Partner Activity

  • We are pleased to have had a team from Eastside Christian Church visit us. They came and gave a food donation in corn flour that is used to make a Kenyan dish called Ugali. It was a blessing to have them. 
  • A team from Agristeward visited us and launched a farming project at the center. Soon we will harvest some vegetables that the students can eat and supplement their diet for healthier students.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for peace in this region as community members dispute over land and animals. We pray that the community will learn to live in harmony with each other.
  • We thank God for the rains that have come after 3 years of drought! We thank God that now we can grow food and help curb the malnutrition problem.

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