Term 2, 2020


Receive greetings from Napuu center!  We appreciate your continuous support and prayers during this second term that has now come to a close. What an honor to work together towards transforming lives through the hope of Christ. God bless you.

John Obongo,
Center Manager, Napuu

Current Stats

Total Enrolled: 1486 students
Total Unsponsored: 756 students

Sponsor a Child at Napuu

For $38/month, or roughly $1.25 a day, you can make a direct and profound difference in a child’s life. Your sponsorship ensures that your sponsored child receives an excellent Christian education, nutritious food, medical care, and the opportunity to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Hope Transforms: A Success Story

Maria is a grade seven student at Missions of Hope International (MOHI) Napuu center. 

The 15-year-old is the second child in a family of five children who are under the care of a single mother who became the family’s sole provider after her husband’s death. The family faces numerous financial difficulties because the mother does not have a steady job. Their going to bed without food is determined by their mother’s daily sales which are often not much.

Before Maria joined the MOHI program in 2013, she was already in a public school. This was not necessarily for her to learn but rather for her to have something to eat in school. She was not consistent in going to school due to her parent’s lack of knowledge on the importance of education. She also comes from a community that does not value education for the girl-child. Despite Maria coming from a Christian home, that Christian character could not be seen in her because the family was not fully committed to the church.

Since Maria joined MOHI in 2013 as a kindergarten student, we have walked closely with her family and we have seen a change in their attitude. The mother now values education greatly and encourages her daughter to attend school without fail. Maria is also very hardworking and has become a good example to be emulated. She inspires many young girls on the importance of education. She is one of the active Christian union members in our school and at home she – together with her family – are active members of their local church. 

Maria aspires to be a lawyer in the future and we pray for her that her dreams will come true according to God’s will for her life. We are also really thankful to God for the transform witnessed in this family.

*Name changed

Term Highlights

  • Our grade six and seven students participated in ‘Farming God’s Way’ at our agribusiness farm. They were able to learn, plant and water crops on the farm hence they will be great ambassadors in promoting better use of land in the arid Turkana community.
  • We thank God for our grade eight learners who have performed well in assessment tests this term.
  • Our staff at Napuu have continued to be a blessing; I am very grateful to have such a committed team that serves, prays for and supports the families we serve.

Partner Activity

  • A member from Agristewards visited Napuu and trained grade seven and six students on ‘Farming God’s Way.’ They also helped to establish another farm for our learners. The skills acquired through this engagement have empowered our students.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for all our grade eight learners and the transition to high school.
  • Pray for God’s provision, protection and care for all our learners, staff and parents during this Covid-19 season.
  • We have a number of ongoing school projects, join us as we pray that the Lord will help us realize them all successfully.
  • Pray for God’s sufficient grace upon all our staff members as we work to transform more lives in the community we serve.


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