Korogocho Nyayo

Term 2, 2022


Receive Calvary greetings from the entire Korogocho Nyayo family. We are well in the Lord and hope that He has kept you well too. We have come to the end of another term and we would like to share with you some of the highlights of this term. Be blessed as you read through the highlights. We love you so much and we keep praying for you all.

Bob Otieno 
Headteacher, Korogocho Nyayo

Current Stats

Total Enrolled: 610students
Total Unsponsored: 269 students

Sponsor a Child at Korogocho Nyayo

For $38/month, or roughly $1.25 a day, you can make a direct and profound difference in a child’s life. Your sponsorship ensures that your sponsored child receives an excellent Christian education, nutritious food, medical care, and the opportunity to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Hope Transforms: A Success Story

*Danson is a grade eight pupil at the Korogocho Nyayo center. The 14-year-old lives with his parents and his three siblings in the neighboring community. He is the second-born child in the family and his two younger siblings are also students at the school in grades five and one.

Danson’s father started having spinal cord issues in 2018 which caused him to lose the ability to work and provide for his family. He was their pillar of strength and everything in their lives revolved around him. He was the sole breadwinner and was always concerned with the overall well-being of the family. The children and their mother depended on him totally for provision.

When he became sick, the family was devastated. They felt like the world and God had abandoned them in their hour of need. They did not find meaning in life; they stopped going to church as well as fellowshipping with others. The father did not want anything to do with God or prayers in the home while the mother became depressed and withdrawn. She was left to take care of everything in the home, including taking care of her husband who could not fend for himself.

Danson became withdrawn, unable to actively participate in class activities or with his peers. He became dirty and smelly because he was no longer taking a bath, he started isolating himself and also became prone to fits of anger. He was having problems doing his homework and the teachers were raising concerns about his behavior.

The social worker engaged the boy and the whole family at large in order to get to understand the reasons for his behavior. We learned that the mother was leaving the children to take care of themselves since she was overwhelmed by everything she needed to do. Danson was also very concerned about his father’s health and was now feeling as though life has no meaning and there is no need to put effort into anything.

It became clear that Danson felt like he did not have anyone to talk to. We thank God that after several sessions with the social worker, Danson started to show remarkable improvement. He is now well-groomed, responsible, hardworking, and obedient to his elders and peers. He is also cheerful and going on with his studies well. He can afford a smile and can be seen actively participating in activities with other pupils. Danson enjoys playing the piano and he does so during our spiritual programs at the school and in the church.

We also encouraged the mother to join a Family Growth group – which is an economic empowerment group – through which she has been able to save little by little. This has made it easier for her to provide for the family and she has also taken up her responsibilities in the home. Danson’s father is also getting better and he is now able to walk using crutches.

We have been encouraging this family and praying for them and four years down the line we are happy to report that they are progressing well. The children have settled into their education and we rejoice that the entire family is once again going to church on a regular basis.

Please help us as we pray for Danson’s father to receive complete healing. We know the Lord is able to heal and so we pray for his restoration.
*Name changed

Term Highlights

  • We are grateful for the ten weeks that we have been in school this term. Our pupils have been able to undertake their studies peacefully without any interruptions. We have also been able to share the word of God every day and also conduct co-curricular activities very well. We feel so blessed for the Lord’s doing in our lives. Thank you for your continued support and may God receive all the glory and the honor.
  • Our grade seven girls were privileged to spend time at the Angaza Discovery Camp. During this time away, the girls had the opportunity to see and appreciate God’s creation as they traveled through the National park on their way to and from Kilifi using the railway as the mode of transport. They also got the opportunity to be taught the word of God and to be mentored in their faith.
    • Our girls had so much fun at the camp since it was the first time for most of them to swim in the Indian Ocean, travel by train, and also see the wonders of God’s creation.
    • We give glory to God because 15 of them gave their lives to Christ. We have since enrolled them in our new believers class where we continue mentoring them and helping them with their walk in Christ.
  • We are excited to report that 54 grade eight students who sat for their national examinations last term have all transited to High school. They are doing well and are enjoying learning in their new schools.
  • We recruited 64 new students to join our kindergarten class. These young souls are a blessing to our school since they have been able to adjust very fast from the home environment to the school routine. From the first few days at school with many crying babies to the loud and joyful learning voices in the school. They are indeed a joy to behold.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the entire Korogocho Nyayo family, that is; the pupils, the families we serve, the staff and their families, and the leadership of our school. Pray for our good health, our unity and that God will continue to provide for us so that we may continue witnessing the numerous transformations God is working in our lives.
  • Pray for our country for peace to prevail during this period of political campaigns and that we may have a peaceful election in August. Pray that God will enable us to elect responsible leaders who will drive our country in the right direction and who will also help to stabilize our country’s economy.
  • We are trusting God for resources so that we can acquire land and be able to put up permanent structures for our school. This will give us the space we need in order to have a conducive learning environment.


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