Korogocho Grogan

Term 3, 2022


We give God the glory for another great term. Thank you for your continued support and partnership in transforming lives through Christ. Here are some of the highlights of the term that we want to share with you.

Faith Aluoch Otondi

Headteacher, Korogocho Grogan

Current Stats

Total Enrolled: 656 students
Total Unsponsored: 316 students

Sponsor a Child at Korogocho Grogan

For $40/month, or roughly $1.33 a day, you can make a direct and profound difference in a child’s life. Your sponsorship ensures that your sponsored child receives an excellent Christian education, nutritious food, medical care, and the opportunity to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Hope Transforms: A Success Story

Cindy* joined Korogocho Grogan (KG) Center two years ago in grade five, after she got a transfer from Missions of Hope Korogocho B (KB). Cindy is the firstborn of a family of three, where she and her younger sibling live with their mother. Their parents separated and this really affected the family, especially the children.

While Cindy was back in KB, her class attendance was very low. She would wake up in the morning as if she was going to school, but she would never arrive. After some investigation, they found out that Cindy was skipping school to see her boyfriend. Her mother was very troubled about this and after talking to the headteacher and social workers at KG where she worked, it was decided that Cindy should be moved from KB to KG so that Cindy could come with her mother in the morning. For a short while, this ensured that Cindy went to school.

After a few weeks at KG, Cindy started getting into heated arguments with her mother and she would not listen to her mother. This went on for some time, but Cindy’s mother thought that things would eventually improve. Unfortunately, Cindy’s behavior only escalated, she wouldn’t come home some nights, and she would be found in her boyfriend’s house later. Eventually, she could be seen in the company of different men. By this time her mother was unable to handle the issue on her own. She reported the matter to the headteacher and the social worker to ask for help.

Cindy went through lots of counseling with the headteacher and social workers. For 3 months they walked with Cindy to help her realize the dangers of her actions. Soon a change was beginning to show. Her mother reported that Cindy would no longer spend the night in other men’s homes.  After attending Angaza Discovery Camp Cindy’s outlook on life really changed. She was more open to sharing her mind and allowing people to help her navigate through life.

Now her mindset has changed, she even attends church every Sunday, something that she would not do before. She is an active participant during our morning devotions in class. She has also become a peer counselor who guides her fellow students to be careful of the choices they make. Her mother is very pleased with the transformation. She had been very worried about Cindy and worried Cindy would never change.

*Name changed.

Term Highlights

  • Our football team participated in games against other schools in the zone. They interacted with other schools and students from different backgrounds. It was a good opportunity for some exposure.
  • Pre-kindergarten and grades 2-6 &  went for their first swimming classes this academic year due to the change in the school calendar because of the pandemic. The program enabled the learners to acquire new skills.
  • Our students have started a discipleship program that has not only spiritually nourished the learners but the staff as well.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our candidate classes,  both grades 6 and 8, who shall soon sit for their national exams. 
  • Pray for good health for our learners as well as for their parents.


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