Korogocho Grogan

Term 1, 2022


We give God the glory for enabling us to complete another school term. Thank you for your continued support and partnership as we transform lives through the hope of Christ. Here are some of this term’s highlights that we want to share with you.

Faith Otondi
Headteacher, Korogocho Grogan

Current Stats

Total Enrolled: 602 students
Total Unsponsored: 273 students


Sponsor a Child at Korogocho Grogan

For $38/month, or roughly $1.25 a day, you can make a direct and profound difference in a child’s life. Your sponsorship ensures that your sponsored child receives an excellent Christian education, nutritious food, medical care, and the opportunity to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Hope Transforms: A Success Story

*Charles is a kindergarten student at the Korogocho Grogan center. He joined the school mid-last year and we soon noticed that something was wrong with the child.

He had several disciplinary issues from stealing to being rude to teachers and students to the extent that he would hit the teacher from the back while teaching in class. He would bully his fellow pupils and he was greatly feared. When we called his parent to school, we realized that Charles is being raised by a single father who is himself struggling with drug addictions. Without proper parental care, Charles was often left to his own devices and he had developed a very bad character.

We immediately launched intervention measures to help this boy. The teachers and social workers scheduled time to offer ongoing counseling and guidance to Charles. We soon realized that he is just a child in need of care and emotional support and who sometimes did not have food. The father was also involved all through the process and we encouraged him to take on more of a parental role with his son. 

In time, Charles started to open up and he admitted that he had joined a band of boys in the neighborhood who were encouraging him to steal. These boys were also teaching him how to be violent and how to use rude language. He, however, said that he wanted to change because he had learned that stealing is not good. This was the turning point and since then, Charles has been an entirely different person both in school and at home. He has become friendly to teachers and pupils alike and his academic performance has really improved. He shows respect to all his teachers and comes to school every single day without fail. Charles’ father now regularly comes to school to check on his son’s progress and he also makes sure that the boy has something to eat at home.

We thank God for the transformation witnessed and we will not stop walking closely with this family. It is our prayer that Charles’ dad would be freed from the hold of addiction so that he can better take care of his child. We know with God all things are possible.

*Name changed

Term Highlights

  • We are proud of our football teams who participate in ball games competition against other Korogocho schools. Our under 14’s team emerged top of their category.
  • We are proud of our scout’s team who went out to Karura forest where they participated in a tree planting exercise in order to curb deforestation.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the families we serve who have been struggling financially as a result of the Covid 19 effect on the economy. Pray that they will find jobs or start businesses that can help them support their families.
  • Pray for our students as they break for the long holiday, that they will stay safe and be in good health.
  • This being an electoral year, pray that the peace of God will prevail over our country.


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