Term 1, 2023


Calvary greetings from the Kiamaiko Center . We celebrate what the Lord has done for us as Kiamaiko through your partnership. It’s my pleasure to bring to you the Center highlights of the first term of this school year.

Joseph Musyoki Mukoma, Head Teacher Kiamaiko Center.

Current Stats

Total Enrolled: 1,248 students
Total Unsponsored: 223 students

Sponsor a Child at Kiamaiko

For $40/month, or roughly $1.33 a day, you can make a direct and profound difference in a child’s life. Your sponsorship ensures that your sponsored child receives an excellent Christian education, nutritious food, medical care, and the opportunity to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Hope Transforms: A Success Story

Cindy* is 7 years old and the last born of a family of 2 siblings. She lives in Kiamaiko with her single mother who has been struggling with her health. This has made it difficult for her to provide for her family. Cindy’s mother was very determined for her children to receive a quality education, but she had no money to take her children to school so Cindy would stay home.

Many times Cindy would be left home alone when her mother had the strength to go look for casual jobs. This was very dangerous for a young girl to be left all alone. Cindy was found one day by a social worker and this was when change began to take place. 

Cindy’s social worker would visit the family to encourage and evangelize. During this time the family was encouraged and a new hope emerged. Cindy’s mother has hope that God will give her strength to be able to provide for her family. She joined an informal financial empowerment group that helped her save money and allowed her to get a loan where she used the money to open a grocery stand business. 

Now Cindy’s mother has been economically empowered and able to make a living for her children. Cindy’s dream is to one day become a doctor and be able to help people like her mother who get sick often. We thank God for Cindy and her family. We pray that God continues to answer their prayers and give them a better life.

*Name has been changed

Term Highlights

  • We, like many other schools in the country, were able to start our Junior Secondary School for our pioneering class 7 students. We thank God for the provision and the grace that all the students are settled and learning. 
  • Our school soccer team took part in the MOHI soccer league. They emerged 6th place out of 15 MOHI schools that participated. The team is motivated for the rematches coming up in the second term. Congratulations and good luck to our team.

Partner Activites

  • We are honored to have received  Crossroad Christian Church this term .They had VBS with our students. They particularly enjoyed the singing and dancing to the Lord. The team also played games with the students, did face painting and enjoyed each other’s company very much.

Church Updates

  • Praise God our church is growing! We have grown this term from less than 40 members to now 52 members! We are happy to serve the community and bring them the word of God. 
  • We held an Ignite service, MOHI’s spiritual program for our junior secondary students  and many students gave their lives and re-dedicated their lives to Christ. Praise God!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for a spiritual breakthrough in our Kiamaiko community. We pray that the people will come to know and love Jesus so that their lives can be transformed. Our church has experienced lots of spiritual warfare. 
  • We pray for God’s provision for our community members as they struggle to make ends meet in these tough economic times.


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