Term 4, 2022


Christian greetings from Joska Center. The term was a great success in all our programs. We bless the Lord for His grace, provision, and care. We have experienced a great transformation of lives in our learners and the community. Thank you for your continued support as we see Jesus transform lives through His love. Here are some of the term highlights we would like to share with you. 

Wilson Mwaniki

Acting Head Teacher – Joska


Current Stats

Total Enrolled: 1,297 students
Total Unsponsored: 406 students

Sponsor a Child at Joska

For $40/month, or roughly $1.33 a day, you can make a direct and profound difference in a child’s life. Your sponsorship ensures that your sponsored child receives an excellent Christian education, nutritious food, medical care, and the opportunity to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Hope Transforms: A Success Story

John* is a grade one student aged nine years. He joined Joska primary towards the closure of the second term this year. He went to a local school in the Joska area before joining MOHI. 

John’s parents engaged in a lot of alcohol consumption and this led to domestic violence and disagreements in the home. The parents would leave John alone at home without food and their reckless behavior would cause John to be forgotten. One time John’s father left him in a nearby village where wild animals have been known to attack people, luckily his neighbors saved him from the possibility of an attack while his father was busy drinking. 

John’s mother and father had by then separated and his mother left with John’s siblings. John had chosen to stay with his father as he had been subject to neglect from his mother and he felt he would be better off with his father. As much as John’s dad was a drunkard, he sometimes tried to provide food for John’s basic needs.

When we first met John, he was selling toys that he used to make in exchange for money or some food. He had heard about us from a neighbor of his who used to work at our school. John came to our Joksa gate and tried to sell the toys for five shillings to the guards at the gate. When the guards told him they did not have any money, he further persuaded them to trade his toys for a cup of porridge. The guards at the gate then brought a social worker to come and meet John and this is how we met John. 

John was invited by the social worker for a meal and after he had eaten he went to go and wash his plate. When John saw running water he was so excited he ran to the tap to wash his plate many times. As he washed his already clean plate he would wash his legs, smiling and singing songs he used to hear playing at the clubs his father took him to sometimes. 

Our matron saw that John was very dirty so she gave him a bath. This made him very excited, and he was glad he came to Joska. He thanked the staff severally saying “asante “ and hugged almost every staff he came across. In John’s former school, he did not receive the kind of love and care he received at our school and he was very grateful. 

The social workers and the headteacher at Joska primary worked hand in hand to ensure that John was recruited at Joska primary. On his first day in school, John was very excited. He would frequently say “mimi napenda hii shule” (I love this school). John joined the staff’s devotion, and being a very courageous boy, he requested the headteacher if he could lead the staff into praise and worship through song. When given the chance he led them into song and later narrated the story of his life and why he was so happy to be at Joska. He later made a short prayer for everyone blessing the staff members and MOHI at large.

When John joined grade one, he was far behind his classmates and the students would laugh at him. John was brave and he took criticism positively, He was so determined to understand mathematics and other subjects. He would often make his way to the staff room to ask for extra work so he could catch up and practice. With the help of his class teacher and other teachers, his efforts were reflected in his first exam, and he scored highly in mathematics. He was very proud of himself and so were we. 

John came from a Godless home, but with spiritual guidance, he can now lead other children in songs or worship and reading scripture. He is very social. He sometimes would find himself outside of class talking to people and watering flowers. As time has passed by he has learned to settle in class and not be distracted. 

It is not only John’s life that has changed, but his father has stopped drinking and recently gave his life to Christ. He is being discipled at our Joska Hope Outreach Church where he is a new believer. He has now become a casual laborer, though he is praying for a better job, for now, this has allowed him to provide for his family.

*Name was changed.

Term Highlights

  • Our High School students participated in inter school mathematics competitions, which challenged our students to practice more.
  • One of our students, Kelvin Wanyoinke, won best story in the region at a competition hosted by the Daily Nation, one of Kenya’s national newspapers during a Swahili story-writing competition.
  • Our primary school football and volleyball teams were able to compete in the National school competitions. They enjoyed interacting with other students from other schools after the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted.
  • Our school also held interclass talent shows and sports competitions among students and staff. This has been a great way for the students to bond with one another and with our staff.

Partner Activity

  • Traders Point Christian Church took part in school tours,orientation, and had time to interact with classes.
  • We were glad to host Rocky Mountain Christian Church for orientation and to see their sponsored students. The day was exciting and the team spent quality time interacting and having fun with the students.
  • The Eastside Christian Church dental team visited for a dental clinic and oral hygiene sensitization presentation. They attended to students in need of dental work.

Prayer Requests

  • We thank God for our 299 students who have sat for their national exams. We thank God for good results.
  • Pray for good mental health within the families in our community. Many families are struggling with a lack of employment which has led to untimely deaths through suicide.


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