Term 3, 2022


Greetings In Jesus’ Name! We have come to the close of another exciting term here at Joska, we are so grateful for your continued support and partnership. Here are some highlights we would like to share with you from this term.

Goretty Som

Headteacher, Joska Center

Current Stats

Total Enrolled: 1,297 students
Total Unsponsored: 595 students

Sponsor a Child at Joska

For $40/month, or roughly $1.33 a day, you can make a direct and profound difference in a child’s life. Your sponsorship ensures that your sponsored child receives an excellent Christian education, nutritious food, medical care, and the opportunity to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Hope Transforms: A Success Story

Jane* is a 13 year-old-girl born in Vihiga County. She was abandoned by her biological parents so she was raised by her grandparents in the Kibera slum in Nairobi.

After a while, her grandparents could no longer provide a safe place for her to live. Eventually, neighbors and friends decided to take Jane away from her grandparent’s home and she was placed in a shelter and taken out of school.

While Jane was in the shelter she was recruited to be employed as a house help. Her employers, however, saw that Jane was meant to be in school and too young to be an employee. They decided to do the right thing and bring Jane to our Joska Center. This was when we met Jane for the first time. A broken young girl, mentally disturbed, going through trauma. She had no aspirations in life, her view of life was meaningless and hopeless. She had no friends and did not want to associate with anyone, not even her classmates.

Jane’s transformational story began when she opened up to social workers and her class teacher. She shared her story and our social workers referred Jane to a counselor. Jane started counseling sessions and the school counselor began to walk with her.

Because of all that had happened, Jane had to be put a year behind and this really affected Jane’s self-esteem. Other students would make fun of her performance in class, but her class teacher kept encouraging Jane. Together Jane and her class teacher would spend extra time trying to catch Jane up.

Certainly, the Lord heals and is our friend and refuge in times of trouble. Jane now aspires to be a doctor and her performance has greatly improved. Spiritually, Jane loves the Bible because it encourages her. She likes to share these verses with her newly made friends.

*Name was changed.

Term Highlights

  • We are very proud of the students who participated in sports competitions this term. They managed to go and represent the school at the regional level in Machakos County. Two of our girls from primary school were selected to go and represent Machakos County at the national level.
  • We are so happy that our Center, for the first time, was selected to be a polling station during the general elections held this year. The voting process was very peaceful and the community applauded MOHI for the mindful gesture, allowing the public to use the school as one of the polling stations in Kenya!

Partner Activity

  • We were pleased to have Generations Christian Church visit us this term. They took time to interact with the students and were taken for a tour of our school.
  • We are also very excited to host the visitors from Antioch Christian Church. They joined the learners for Sunday service after which they were taken through the brief history of the school and a school tour.
  • We are also very excited to have the Phoenix Medical team visit us for 3 days. They held a medical camp for the students, staff, and the community. The main areas addressed were mental health issues, general health, dental and optical issues.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for healing over our sick learners, that they will recover and live healthy and happy lives.
  • Pray for the learners who are bereaved, that the Lord would comfort them.
  • Pray that the 595 students who don’t have sponsors will get sponsored.
  • Pray for God’s provision so we can complete projects like the new high school building and the girls’ dormitories.


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