Education Framework

We are dedicated to providing excellence in Christian education consistent with Biblical principles. It is our goal to provide a secure and loving environment in which students can develop spiritually, socially, and intellectually. In harmony with their families, churches, and community, we want our students to grow in unity and love for each other and for God.


We are enthusiastic about and desire improvement in teaching and learning. The tenants of our educational framework reflect our desires, our beliefs, best practices, and our teaching methodology.   

1. What We Want


We are dedicated to helping the children of Kenya rise above poverty by achieving literacy and academic skills; developing spiritual understanding; and demonstrating personal accountability and self-discipline.

We desire:

·     High learning level for all students.

·     A safe, affirming, and positive school environment.

·     Students who value hard work and take advantage of opportunities to learn.

·     Teachers who are working to advance their subject knowledge and teaching skills.


2. What We Believe

A specific set of beliefs about students, education, and success in the larger community guides our daily work.

We believe that:

·     Children can learn at a high level.

·     Success in all endeavors is the result of hard work, God-given ability, and opportunity.

·     Having success promotes more success.

·     A safe school environment is critical if students are to learn.

·     Spiritual development forms the foundation for healthy growth in children.

·     All staff must believe deeply and model consistently the qualities they want children to develop.

·     All staff and students are accountable to show respect in all circumstances.

·     Teachers are responsible to use best teaching practices to help students best learn.

·     Teamwork and a sense of community are highly valued.


3. What We Know 

Best teaching practices encompass the following concepts:

We must establish good classroom management.

We must plan and carry out effective lessons for student mastery.

We must develop positive expectations and relationships with students.

All humans pass through certain stages of development.

There are strengths and limitations of learners at different stages of development.

Instruction must be appropriate to the learner’s level of development.

Learning is increased when more senses are involved.


4. What We Do (How and What We Teach)

Sponsor a Student
Sponsor a Student

Provide food, clothing, and an excellent education for a disadvantaged child of your choice with whom you can build a relationship as they go through school!

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Send a Student to College
Send a Student to College

Equip qualified students from MOHI’s high schools to achieve their dream of a college degree!

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Grow a Business
Grow a Business

Empower a trained entrepreneur by funding their loan to start or expand their own business!

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Build New Classrooms
Build New Classrooms

Help us construct new classrooms and provide more opportunities for community transformation!

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