Mini Libraries

A library in every school!


MoHI Mini Libraries are tubs full of books …

1. Easily stored

2. Easily shared among classrooms

3. Easily bought and brought by visiting short-term teams

4. That are culturally sensitive and varied in subject, genre and style


Why a library in every school? Because …

1. You can’t learn to really read simply reading off of a chalkboard

2. Without access to books you can’t read books

3. A book in the hand is worth two … well you get the point


Why read books? Because it …

1. Develops vocabulary in context

2. Improves focus and concentration

3. Makes the reader smarter

4. Improves imagination

5. Is just like being there

6. Improves memory

7. Builds thinking skills

8. Improves writing and verbal skills

9. Increases breadth and depth of knowledge

10. Allows a child of poverty to step outside their life and into the world


Mini Library Book Lists

1.   Mini library for Pre-Unit

2.   Mini library for Classes/Grades 1 & 2

3.   Mini Library for Classes/Grades 3 & 4

4.   Mini Library for Classes/Grades 5 & 6

5.   Mini Library for Classes/Grades 6 & 8 (Middle School)

6.   Mini Library for Form 1-4 (High School)


You can help provide books for a library in every MOHI school by purchasing and donating books from the list above or by clicking here to make a financial contribution to a special fund through our partner, CMF.

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Sponsor a Student

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Send a Student to College

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